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Hostan Gouthier

Hostan Gouthier

VR Developer & Technologist

What is Music to me?
“Sound is considered to be a vibration of the air, but in the vacuum of space, the sound is thought. As thought travels into Earth’s material plane it is influenced by gravity and the denser layers of the atmosphere where it gains mass—in other words, it physicalizes, taking on the acoustical characteristics of sound as it does so. By this process the Word is said to ‘descend’ from heaven, to be ‘made flesh’.”
“Secrets In The Fields: The Science And Mysticism Of Crop Circles” by Freddy Silva

1. Virtual Reality for Architects & Realtors: It is for people that can’t articulate their feelings and desires. They need to experience it first—and now they can. See:

2. Virtual Reality for Visual Arts: It offers entirely new experiences that no one has ever had before. Arts organizations are beginning to take advantage of the former, and artists are exploring the latter.
See David Erdek Virtual Reality Exhibit:

3. Steven Spielberg & Georges Lucas: Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry
“They’re  going for the gold,” said Lucas of the studios. “But that isn’t going to work forever. And as a result, they’re getting narrower and narrower in their focus. People are going to get tired of it. They’re not going to know how to do anything else.”

Lucasfilm says video game engines will ‘take the post out of post-production’ for filmmakers

Virtual reality is giving filmmakers a new way to explore complex narratives and get your film done!

We are a network of artist (Technologist) we can implement a winning system that will work for you, we are illustrators, Game Developers, Animators, Sculptors, Programmers, Photographers, Cameraman, Film Makers, VFX Artisans and Music Producer. Whatever your project is we will make it special and unique!