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Leora Gaster

Leora Gaster

Program Developer Consultant

Leora Gaster grew up under the personal guidance of Dr. Feldenkrais and has spent the last 3 decades developing the curriculum and methodology of his complete work in Mind Body Studies for MBS Academy.

Leora has been teaching Mind Body Studies internationally for over 30 years, collaborating with her mother, Mia Segal, in conducting courses for all levels and multiple professional applications. Leora wrote the comprehensive set of manuals and Core Principles of MBS Practice and Teaching and has produced video and audio recordings, illustrating its foundational elements and applications.

Leora enhanced her extensive knowledge of MBS work with a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and she is also an NLP trainer. Leora received a black belt in Judo from the Kodokan, Tokyo, when she was 16, with special commendations and training at the master level.